Welcome to Rangmanch Farms

We're gonna make this place your home

If you ask us what is Rangmanch Farms, you will find many answers. A seemingly simple and yet straightforward response would be that Rangmanch is a resort and a weekend getaway in Delhi NCR – but that’s just one way to see it.

In reality, the answer is quite convoluted and complex.

Rangmanch Farms is a platform that allows you to grow from within and subsume the world around you.

Rangmanch Farms is a safe haven and a respite from the mindnumbing humdrum of life.

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Rangmanch Farms allows you to disconnect from the digital world around you while nudging you to become one with Mother Nature.

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Rangmanch Farms is an adventure waiting to happen.

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Rangmanch Farms is an explosion of spices waiting to dance around your tastebuds.

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Rangmanch Farms is home not so away from home.

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So allow us to introduce Rangmanch Farms to you in all its flavours:

Rangmanch: The Home of Nature in All Her Glory

Rangmanch Farms is an oasis of nature that is located at a 20-minute drive from Gurgaon and spread across 12 acres of lush greenery.
The moment you see the concrete jungles thinning away and paving the way for nature’s bounty, you will know that you are entering Rangmanch.
Nestled in the lap of the Sultanpur National Park, Rangmanch hosts a variety of unique and exotic plants, be it fruit-bearing, aquatic, or medicinal. This nature’s retreat attracts local fauna and migratory birds that together build a nurturing and revitalizing ecosystem for growth.

Rangmanch: The Host to Adventurous Memories

Rather than rushing through life in a frenzied state, we believe in stopping and smelling the roses. After all, if the last few years have taught us anything, it is that life is precious and we should spend every minute cherishing it!

But just because you are taking a break from the routine hustle-bustle of life does not mean that you have to embrace a dull lifestyle. If anything, we offer you the perfect opportunity to amp up your life and supercharge it with some high-grade, adventurous activities! We have 50+ adventure sports, thrilling rides, and fun activities to ensure that your adrenaline levels are at an all-time high at Rangmanch!

Rangmanch: A Destination for Culinary Experiences

Are you one of those people who only travel to experience various cuisines? Then allow Rangmanch to extend its hospitality to you!
We are here to make our way to your hearts – right through your stomachs.
Our farm to plate initiative offers delectable delicacies that are smothered in love and tradition. Relish the taste of simplicity as it fuels your id. The foodie that lives inside of you truly deserves this!
We also offer catering services for all the events that you choose to host at Rangmanch. So whether you want a quiet, intimate dinner or a lavish buffet, our cooks and servers have you covered.

Rangmanch: A Celebration of Festivities

Whether you are celebrating special occasions or getting ready to mark new ones, Rangmanch is the perfect destination for them all. From intimate ceremonies like pre-wedding ceremonies to outings with friends and family to corporate team building activities – we can manage and handle them all!
Our team are experts at facilitating event-specific customer requirements and can single-handedly and efficiently take care of making all the arrangements. In the meantime, you can focus on being present in the moment and soaking it all in. We are on a mission of putting the “social” back in social gatherings.

Rangmanch: A Home Away From Home

Home is where the heart is. And at Rangmanch, we are set on stealing your heart.
We are driven with the purpose of building Rangmanch as a home away from home – a place that you can imagine yourself relaxing and unwinding after a tough day at work. And for this reason, our premium cottages are more than just four walls – they are livable areas with a personality designed at putting you at ease and inspiring comfort.
Give in to all luxuries and forget all about your worries. Pamper your body, mind, and soul as your surround yourself and your home with warm and fuzzy emotions.

Rangmanch – A Melting Pot of Culture, Nature, and Nurture

What is life except for one big celebration?
And at Rangmanch Farms, we believe in kindling this joie de vivre and celebrate each day as it comes.
So stop hitting pause on your life. There is more to it than enjoying your authenticity on weekends or holidays.
Live a little.
Rangmanch Farms is the embodiment of your happiest memories waiting to happen. So come on over and honour us with your presence. Our gates are always open and we look forward to serving you.

I went with my friend and we had alot of fun, there was not a single minute that we got bored, we were so engaged in doing adventures, rides, clicking pictures, having food, seeing shows like magic show, puppet show etc, I would love to visit this place with more friends and family. Thanks for this amazing experience.

Twisty Lifestyle (Vaidika Gupta)

A great place to visit. You can spend your whole day enjoying the different Activities like Indoor games, shooting, bull etc. Swimming are too good. Water is clean. Atmosphere is so good. If you go there with your group you will definitely enjoy. @rangmanchfarms

Chanchal Singh

Me and my frnds had so much there. It was amazing place specially the food wowwww😍😍😍All the fun activities n pool….. There are so many adventurous things do like horse riding, tractor riding, camel riding, zip line

Divya Rajput

I had an amazing experience at Rangmanch. The place has so much of greenery and good vibes. Staff is also handsome and responsive. All the rides (camel, horse,truck) and all the adventures plus indoors are so entertaining. Swimming pool and rain dance will add more to make ur day. Over everything food is delicious and the place is very hygienic. This must be enough to give you a good idea about the place. You should surely visit this place once. It has very reasonable cost.

Garvita Jain

This place is best for a day outing. All the types of games are available here, indoor, outdoor, mud-bath, swimming pool etc..they also serve the best food and snacks throughout the day. Best ever farm house experience i had.

Yukta Sharma