Rangmanch Farms: Where farm tourism meets adventure

Rangmanch Farms- The most thrilling staycation in Delhi NCR

Farm tourism or Agri-tourism has been emerging as a significant trend in hospitality sector in the last
few years, and for good reasons. The divide between city life and nature has been widening and
farm tourism is the best way to bridge that gap.

Our modern cities have become a cesspool of bad planning, pollution, and incessant construction
often at the cost of nature. The green cover is slowly disappearing from our cities. Lifestyle diseases
are increasing exponentially. Basically, there is a big dearth of holistic spaces in our cities which can
help us unwind away from the hustle and bustle of the city and negate the effect it takes on our
minds and bodies.

How can farm tourism help?

It is not possible for people to take a vacation at any time they want. What we require are places in and
around the cities which are an oasis of nature. A place where we can learn about sustainability. A
place where we can learn to appreciate the gift our lives are. A place where we can slow down and
reflect. The answer lies in these farms.
In recent years many of the satellite towns like Gurugram have seen an uptick in the number of
farms offering a taste of adventure, an alternative lifestyle, or just an idyllic experience of rural
life. These farms in Gurgaon are perfect for a getaway. They are hours and minutes away from the
city and yet they are in a world of their own.
Rangmanch Farm is a remarkable experiment that strives to connect farm tourism with all the
trappings of an adventurous holiday. It is one of the top farms in Gurgaon for picnics, treks, or just
spending a weekend lazing surrounded by 14 acres of pristine woods of Sultanpur Wildlife

Rangmanch farms bring you farm tourism with a twist!

Move over aimless treks through wilderness and just eating and drinking throughout your
staycations or farms who just offer picnics. Rangmanch has something special for you. Every day,
every stay here is filled with fun activities. It gives you a chance to indulge in thrills such as zip lining
or rappelling. It helps you to learn new skills. A stay here gives you an opportunity to make new
friends, re-live your childhood through games and sports and competitions, and taste authentic farm
Rangmanch Farms allow you to taste an alternative lifestyle which will balance out the toxic one you
are compelled to live for your livelihood and prosperity. It allows you to unwind and relax, helps you
spend quality time with your family. It gives you an alternative to being cooped with chores on your
holidays. It also provides an alternative to big budget long vacations which need extensive planning.
And, this is what makes Rangmanch different from any other Farms in Gurugram. It elevates a simple
picnic in the farms to something more, something special, something worth remembering, and
something to come back to, again and again.
Thus, we welcome you to Rangmanch Farms to not just have a good time, but to add meaning to it
as well. We are not too far just 20 minutes away from Gurugram. Bring your friends, bring your
family, bring your squad and we promise you a day you will not be forgetting any time soon.

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