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If you ask us what is Rangmanch Farms, you will find many answers. A seemingly simple and yet straightforward response would be that Rangmanch is a resort and a weekend getaway in Delhi NCR – but that’s just one way to see it.

In reality, Rangmanch Farms allows you to unwind, destress, decompress and refresh away from the humdrums and pollution of the city, just 30 minutes drive from Gurgaon city centre.


During your stay

Day Outing Package

40+ Meal options, 80+ activities. Everything unlimited.
Collect Moments. Build Bonds.
Laugh Together

Evening Outing Package

Simple Dinner dates and outings are boring.
Enjoy 40+ meals including Daawat-e-khaas 5 course Veg Buffet Dinner and 80+ activities.


Feel alive surrounded by 10,000 plants and trees.
Take an early morning stroll in the lawn or play badminton at midnight.


Accreditation certificate for farm tourism

Stay Here

Our Rooms

Family Suites

The one-bedroom apartment with a private bathroom and terrace.


Prices start at: 14,000 per night

Deluxe Rooms

Experience Farm life, Adventure, Fun, Luxury and sumptuous meals all at the same time.


Prices start at: 7,000 per night

Bamboo Rooms

Experience Farm life, Adventure, Fun, Luxury and sumptuous meals all at the same time


Prices start at: 7,000 per night

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Years of Service
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Comfortable Rooms
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Wine Tasting

Price: $60

When thinking of wine, most people think France, California, Australia, Chile… but Switzerland? Yes, Switzerland. The savvy Swiss, though not the most renowned for their vintages, create a variety of delicious wines they prefer to keep for themselves.

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Mountain Snowmobile Tour

Price: $100 / 3 hours

With all the comfort of a boutique hotel, Chalet in the Smiss Alps is a wonderful choice for a Christmas vacation. Situated just minutes away from the centre of the station, this contemporary chalet is perched on the top of a mountain with awe-inspiring views of the Pointe de Nyon and Morzine itself.

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Mountain Helicopter Tour

Price: $314 / 40 min

Built in traditional Savoyard style, this elegant chalet perfectly combines rustic charm with contemporary design, and offers spectacular views of Mont Blanc from the open-plan living/dining area. But you can’t stay at home all the time, you can take our breathtaking helicopter tour.

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Latest News

Tried our Illusion Room?

The Illusion Room at Rangmanch Farms is going to trick your senses and leave you nonplussed. It will put you in a situation where your brain will say something while your body says otherwise. Who are you going to listen to in this scenario?

Bull riding at Rangmanch Farms

Test your strength against that of a sturdy bull to live out the ultimate “Man versus Wild” moment. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly theme song plays in the background as you chew on a dry wheat stalk. You adjust your belt’s buckle and saunter over to your nemesis. A wild, raging, panting bull! […]

Adventures on a High Rope Course

High above the ground with the panoramic aerial view of the world around you makes you realize what people mean when they say “hanging by a thread.” Except that you are dangling by a heavy rope (and, of course, your safety gear… but let’s not ruin your moment). The whipping winds sing you songs you […]

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